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Get CPR & First Aid Certified. We offer CPR & First Aid certification classes. We service every city in Florida (FL). New classes daily.

Easy Two-Part Course.

  1. Part One (Home-Study Course).  Complete a convenient online Home-Study Course (inlcudes the course required textbooks, videos, and course exams).
  2. Part Two (In-Person Training). Participate in a 1-day In-Person Training Session at the location and date you select. Your Instructor will conduct your class -- even if you are the only candidate in the class!

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1. HOW IT WORKS. Our Home-Study Course enables you to start your certification course immediately. Progress at your own pace. Then, schedule your In-Person Training Session at a location and date that is convenient for you. CPR & First Aid Instructors will conduct your In-Person Training Session locally on the date you request -- even if you're the only candidate in the class! 

2. SELECT YOUR COURSE.  Select the CPR or First Aid certification course that best meets your needs. If you don't know which course you need, contact us for assistance.

  • CPR for Healthcare Provider
  • CPR Adult, Child & Infant
  • CPR Adult & Child
  • CPR Adult
  • CPR Instructor
  • CPR & First Aid Instructor Certification Course
  • CPR Instructor Re-Certification
  • First Aid
  • First Aid Instructor
  • First Aid Instructor Re-Certification
  • Oxygen Administrator
  • Oxygen Administrator Instructor
  • Oxygen Administrator Instructor Re-Certification
  • Blood Borne Pathogens

View a detailed description and price for each course:  SELECT YOUR COURSE.

3. REGISTER NOW. Once you have selected your CPR and/or First Aid certification course, register for your online Home-Study Course. Register Now!

Let's Get Started!

GROUP REGISTRATION.  We provide your group members with access to our online Home-Study Course. Then, we send instructors to your facility to conduct your group training on the date you reserve. 


 CPR & First Aid Certification Courses & Classes


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